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i'm valerie :d

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Norwich - by Thomas

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etam cru

wtf teemo LOL

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kye s/s 2014

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Cry your eyes out by Tim Lahan

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Parts of me. Ruby Gloom

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just-an-another-band-blog asked: Hi sweetie, I have a question :3 What did/do people say about your style at school and how do people react in public when they see you? Oh, and I lovd your stlye!


we had school uniform at school, it wasnt until sixth form i really started dressing different anyway (was a lil wemo in year 10/11 but thats not really unusual) and i was pretty boring in the first year of sixth form, i ddi have blue hair so i was known as ‘the girl with blue hair’ haha
second year i dressed different, nothing like how i dress now thou, it was when the whole 90’s vibe was coming back and yeah
i don’t reeaaally remember people saying much then, i do remember people thinking my creepers were weird, then lo and behold, fast forward a year, everyones wearing them 
when i started wearing lolita it got worse, that wasnt nice ,_, i kept on wearing it though cos i loved it! haha even my boyfriend at the time took the piss out of me wearing it, not fun! 
at uni people don’t really care, which is really nice, people keep to themselves and i’ve only really had good interactions at uni, like people asking me to come model for their projects!

in public, it’s pretty lame
lots of staring; i don’t mind that because i do the same to people who look different! they’re just curious and i don’t mind 
its a bit offputting when eVERYONE is staring thou, went to a cafe with my family in london yesterday and it was full of tourists and the all turned around and one of them started taking photos! so rude, didnt even ask, just holding a camera in my face. gave him a dirty look
when i’m out alone i tend to listen to my music loud because i do get people shout stuff at me, so i kinda live by the whole ‘it’s not there if i can’t hear/see it’
the picture taking thing annoys me the most, i may or may not have got papped yesterday, some dude with a huge ass camera sneakily put his camera by his hip and started taking photos as i walked past (with my family!!) its like dude i can hear the shutter going off
it’s just really rude and i would very happily pose for a photo if people would ask! 

but at the end of the day, it’s not gonna stop me from wearing what i want~ 

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Backstage at DI$COUNT, SS14 Sydney Fashion Week

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